Wednesday, February 10, 2016

canvas supply bag

I do a lot of traveling back and forth between my home and my studio and that means I am always lugging a bunch of supplies with me! Recently I found THIS canvas supply tote (this post is not sponsored) and I thought it would be perfect for transporting supplies.

The tote is heavy duty canvas and has 8 large pockets and 16 small ones and is designed to stay open when you set it down- perfect for a variety of random supplies. There was no way I could leave this tote plain so of course I used acrylic paint and added messy layers of color to it. I used a combination of Golden Fluid Acrylics, High Flow Acrylics and Blick Matte Acrylics

TIP: I've found when I am painting on heavy duty canvas, I prefer to use fluid acrylics because them seem to spread and soak into that heavy canvas better.

I gave the tote a quick layer of messy color and a few simple details and just like that it was transformed into something that felt a little more like me!

Monday, February 08, 2016

valentine bouquet

Looking for a simple but creative twist on Valentines Day cards? How about creating a bouquet of hearts!

Start by painting paper with lots of color- the messier the better!

Then add personalized messages, love notes or even drawings to the hearts. 

Glue the hearts to the top of a stick and add a few leaves.

The result is a bouquet of handmade LOVE! 

Looking for more Valentine's Day Inspiration?

Friday, February 05, 2016

exploring we will go

A while back we made the promise to each other to always make time to seek adventure as a family (you can read about it here). Exploring new places and going outside is a big part of our daily lives and once in a while I like to share a little peek into our adventures.

Wahclella Falls is an easy but AMAZING hike in the Columbia River Gorge and one of our family favorites!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

in the studio with erik railton

My name is Erik Railton, I’m 40 years old, and I’ve been painting for 17 years. I was raised in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I now live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and two sons.
While growing up on the Oregon coast I found myself spending time outside in nature. I love the color, texture and shapes of plants and other objects I saw outdoors. I grew up skateboarding and was fascinated by the graphics on the bottom of the boards.  
What inspires you? What motivates you to create?

The world around me, from nature to the way a sign on a store is hand painted. Music inspires me, I love album art and the ideas musicians have about composing songs. I’m listening to music all of the time when I paint. I still love looking at skateboard graphics especially older Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz graphics. I also like some of the newer graphics from companies like Habitat, Polar, and Quasi. I also love the artwork of Thomas Campbell, and Ed Ruscha. Rothko has always been one of my favorites too.  

Can you tell us a little bit about your studio space?

I've had all kinds of studios over the years. From small spaces in my basement to a 200 square foot out building that I built in the backyard of my old house. Currently my studio is located on the second story of Imago Dei Church. It’s a shared space that I manage between five artists. Our goal is to encourage each other creatively and spiritually. 

The space faces southwest which provides beautiful natural light. I have worked more solitary in the past so working in a shared space has been a good struggle. I love seeing all of the work happening around me. When you work in a group environment, people see all stages of your creativity and some stages are not beautiful. We often get into conversations about the process of creating or what materials we use. It’s a good group of people, I love going there and being in that space and seeing what my studio mates are doing also inspires me to create.
How do you organize a creative schedule?
My desire is to balance family, work and a creative schedule. This process is difficult at times, but my wife and I have decided to set up a weekly schedule that allows time to do my paintings. I have dedicate that time to being in the studio and concentrating on art.

What is a typical day like for you?
Waking up with a cup of coffee and breakfast and help our boys get to school. Go back home or to a coffee shop to answer emails. I then head to work,  my family owns a couple of apartment buildings in Portland that we are working on. After work I go to the studio for a few hours. Come home to have dinner with the family. Put the kids to bed and hang out with my wife.

What are you working on right now?
I have an art show at a cafe in hood river called Doppio in April. I’m working on six paintings for that show. I’m trying to create abstract paintings that have objects of realism in them.  Looking at them the viewer could see an animal or see a bigger pattern. I’ve been working on booking a few bigger shows and trying to get more prints up on my website. I would like to have prints that everyone can afford, since original art is not always in everyone’s budget.  

Want to see more of Erik?

instagram: erikrailton

facebook: erik railton art

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

creating with mary: sketching your new year intentions

Hello beauties! Mary here today and I am so thrilled and honored to be here today to share a peek into my art journal and talk a little bit about intentions. 

There is something so incredibly exhilarating and exciting about a new year, isn’t there? A clean slate. A fresh start. Endless possibilities! It is my absolute favorite time to dream + plan – and I do this by setting intentions.

Setting intentions is a wonderful way to hold yourself accountable and declare your dreams to the universe!

Here are my best tips for creating your own intentions:

1. Spend a few days really digging deep into your heart + soul.
Think about what you’d love to do over the course of this coming year. Make a list!

2. Find a special place to record + document your intentions.
For me, I used the first page in a brand new journal. But you might like to display yours on your bathroom mirror or even frame it on your nightstand! Think about a place where you will see it daily and stay inspired to work towards those dreams.

3. The sky is the limit!
Here’s your chance to get expressive and doodle your heart out! Your doodles can be as simple or intricate as you want them to be – let loose and have fun with it! Choose materials and colors that feel good to you. Do you have a favorite pen or pencil? Use it! Do you want to incorporate your favorite colors? Go for it! Maybe you’d rather create a collage from magazine clippings to depict your intentions. Really let your creative soul have fun with this. There are no rules!

I've been doing these for the past few years and is so much fun to look back and see how much you've grown! 

Have you already set intentions for 2016? We would love to know! 


Monday, February 01, 2016

free candy coloring pages!

We are entering into the few weeks leading up to Valentine's day or as I like to call it "sugar season". As much as I love sweet treats, sugar and I don't get along. Instead, I am channeling my cravings into drawings. Today I have a fun FREE candy coloring page for you to download!

Download and have a little fun and relaxation coloring.

Or download the candy hearts and use them as Valentine's Day cards! And keep in mind, you don't have to always color in the lines. You can use your favorite mixed media and messy technique to add color to coloring pages. You can read about all of my favorite ways to color over HERE

Download the candy coloring page HERE

Download the candy hearts HERE

Interested in more coloring pages? Head on over to the shop HERE to view my entire offering of coloring downloads.

P.S. I've got them all marked down for you today!


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